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  • Customers like
    • Warm floor 5
    • Initial appearance 3
    • Response to complaint 1
  • Customers don't like
    • Poor durability 8
    • Rapid wear 5
    • Pits and dings easily 4
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Put this floor down in 2009. Followed manufacturers instructions exactly. Started showing wear in 3 years. Now it looks like a floor from a rental in the projects! Big patches worn through to the white substrate in front of my sink and refrigerator, grout coming out, and broken corners. Worst product I have ever used! Add comment

Have had this floor for 2 yrs. No problems at all. If you have problems go back to installer. Check very specific installation instructions and if you did it yourself you probably screwed it up. This stuff is great. Add comment

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We spent 5000.00 to have this lifetime flooring put in thinking we would never have to replace it. We have chips, peels, scratches and dents. It is awful to try to clean. Do not buy this waste of hard earned money! Read more

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We purchased Duraceramic in 2008 and the floor is horrible. We used some inheritance money to put in our beautiful new floor, which chips, scratches, dings, and is rubbing off om edges. It is from our entry way thru the hall, bathroom, dining room and kitchen. I have tried to contact Congoleum several times with no response. I just want our money back so we can put in a new floor. 8 years we have not been happy!!! Very Unhappy Consumer. Read more

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I e-mailed them twice on their website, then called them and tried to leave a message. On one of my attempts I discovered their message machine is defective. If they care to do business, they should try to e-mail or call themselves to see what their customers encounter. If my telephone message was actually recorded, they didn't bother to answer my very simple question. Unfortunate, since I like their Duraceramic tiles and merely wanted to... Read more

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Congoleum Duraceramictiles are a bad product
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We had Congoleum Duraceramic tiles professionally installed in our kitchen seven years ago and after two years noticed white wear marks in areas. A dropped fork can dent tile. We had two tiles replaced near kitchen sink because of wear marks and dent two years after install. More & more white wear marks that look like white paint, but was actually chipping wear marks. Two more tiles were replaced on January 6, 2016 because of white wear marks.... Read more

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My issue is the same as most of the other reviews that I have read. The floor has been in for four years and there are many black spots from where something has dropped or............ We are a retired couple with no kids or pets running around. When it was first installed, it looked very nice. However after the first six months when the spots began to appear, I would NOT recommend this product to anyone and have discouraged friends and... Read more

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I too was talked into purchasing this floor. They told me it was water proof, it is not. Mine is coming up and breaking after only 2 years in my house. As a single mother that worked hard to save up to buy flooring, this is upsetting. I have left this company numerous messages and emails to get nothing in return. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and JUST A POOR PRODUCT! I honestly dont know what to do now, I cannot afford a... Read more

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Pure junk and isn't worth the investment! Coloring along the edges erodes and wears easily. It appears as if it was merely painted over the fake substrate material. Already, just two years post-installation, even the grouting is beginning to show fatigue. I doubt this flooring will last another two years without having to be replaced! Add comment

I bought a 499 square foot floor in 2/12. The floor is a piece of ***. It chips and coughs up pieces of itself all over. It chips from the corners, edges, center, and all over. One would think that with a name like Duraceramic, it would be durable. It is not! congoleum sucks at warranty, too. They lied and told me that the floor was not defective. Now I am being offered money in a class action law suit because the floor sucks and it is... Read more

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